Renewing your Railcard


  1. Am I eligible to renew my Railcard?
  2. How far in advance can I renew my Railcard?
  3. How do I renew my Railcard online?
  4. Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible to renew my Railcard?

Most Railcards can be renewed no matter what age you are but there are some Railcards which you may no longer be eligible to renew. See below for more details on those Railcards that are dependent on your age at time of renewal.

Renewing your 16-17 Saver before your 18th birthday

If you are still 17, you can renew the 16-17 Saver. Your renewed 16-17 Saver will be valid up until the day before your 18th birthday.

However, if you are approaching your 18th birthday you may want to consider purchasing the 16-25 Railcard, as it may provide you discounts for a longer period.

Renewing your 16-25 Railcard before your 26th birthday

You can renew your 16-25 Railcard, before your 26th birthday, providing it is due to expire within 30 days. 1-year 16-25 Railcards are available up to and including the day before your 26th birthday or a 3-year 16-25 Railcard is available up until the day before your 24th birthday. Both can be used up until the Railcard expiry date.

If your current Railcard is due to expire after your 26th birthday, you will not be able to renew your 16-25 Railcard, unless you are a mature student. However, you could purchase a 26-30 Railcard for the same great price, and keep saving 1/3 on rail travel.

Renewing your 26-30 Railcard before your 31st birthday

You can renew your 26-30 Railcard before your 31st birthday, providing it is due to expire within 30 days.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to renew your 26-30 Railcard early if it is due to expire after your 31st birthday, however, you may be eligible for one of our other Railcards.


How far in advance can I renew my Railcard?

You can renew your Railcard online up to 30 days before it is due to expire.

Can I renew an expired Railcard?

Yes you can still renew a Railcard in your online account once it has expired. 

When will my new card start?

When you renew your Railcard, your new card will start from the day after your current Railcard expires.

If you renew your digital Railcard before it expires your current digital Railcard will appear in your account as "Replaced" and your renewed Railcard will be valid immediately with any overlapping validity added on to the renewed Railcard. 



How do I renew my Railcard online?


To renew your Railcard, you first need to have an active account online. If you are having trouble logging into your account, please click here for more information.

Please note that station bought Railcards will not appear in your account, and cannot be renewed online. You can purchase a new Railcard online after your station bought Railcard expires. 

If your Railcard was purchased for you, by another person, you will need to transfer that Railcard to your account before renewing. 


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Visit the My Account area, to log in and get started.  
If your Railcard is expiring in the next 30 Days, or has already expired you will see a button to "Renew"1.  
When renewing your Railcard, you will be able select the duration and type of card you would like to renew2.  






Step 4


Step 5



After selecting the duration and type of card you'd like to renew, you will be directed straight to the billing screen to complete your order3.


Once you complete your purchase, your new Railcard will appear with the status "Active".









1 Railcards cannot be renewed until they are within 30 days of the expiry date.

2 16-25, Disabled Persons, Family & Friends, Senior and Veterans Railcards can be renewed for either 1 or 3 years. All Railcards, except 26-30 Railcards, can be renewed for a plastic or digital version.

3 With the exception of mature students applying for a 16-25 Railcard, you will be able to renew your Railcard without having to verify your eligibility. If you are renewing a Disabled Persons Railcard we may also ask you to resubmit evidence of eligibility

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to prove my eligibilty again if I am applying online?

Unless you are a mature student applying for a 16-25 Railcard, you will not need to submit eligibility again when renewing your Railcard. When renewing a Disabled Persons Railcard you may be asked to resubmit evidence of eligibility.

Am I responsible for ensuring that I renew my Railcard?

Railcards do not renew automatically. You must make sure that your Railcard is renewed in good time because a Railcard that has expired is not valid for use and you may be charged a penalty fare for travelling on an expired Railcard.

Can I renew my Railcard at a station?

Yes, if you do not wish to renew online, you can also renew at a staffed station ticket office.

Please note: 16-17 Saver, 26-30 Railcard, Disabled Persons Railcard and Veterans Railcards are not available to purchase/renew at stations.

Can I change from a plastic to digital Railcard when I renew?

Yes, as part of the renewal process you will be able to select whether you would like your new Railcard to be plastic or digital, and also whether you would like to renew for 1 year or 3 years (where applicable). Please note, plastic Railcards will take up to 5 working days to arrive by post, so if your Railcard is close to expiring and you would like to travel soon it would be safer to renew as a digital Railcard.

Can I renew a station bought Railcard online?

Currently, only Railcards bought online can be renewed online. If you would like to renew a station bought Railcard, please visit your nearest staffed station ticket office or purchase a new Railcard online once your current Railcard expires.

Ready to renew your Railcard?

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