Brand new 2FOR1s for 2019

28th December 2018

Tate Britain – Don McCullin

Exhibition Dates: 5 February – 6 May 2019

Price: £18

Tate Britain presents a comprehensive retrospective of the legendary British photographer Don McCullin. This exhibition includes many of Don McCullin's iconic war photographs, including images from Vietnam, Northern Ireland and more recently Syria, often captured at great personal risk. But it also focuses on the work he did at home in the UK, recording scenes of poverty and working class life in London’s East End and the industrial north, as well as meditative landscapes of his beloved Somerset, where he lives.

Tate Modern – Dorothea Tanning

Exhibition Dates: 27 February – 9 June 2019

Price: £13
Dorothea Tanning pushed the boundaries of surrealism. The first major retrospective of her work in the UK since her death in 2012 at the age of 101, this exhibition tells the story of her seven-decade career from her enigmatic early paintings to her pioneering stuffed-textile sculptures.


Tate Modern – Franz West

Exhibition Dates: 20 February - 2 June 2019

Price: £13
Ironic, irreverent, yet profoundly philosophical, Franz West was a key figure of European art in the late 20th century. He brought a punk aesthetic into the pristine spaces of art galleries via abstract sculptures, furniture, collages and large-scale works. The exhibition has been designed by his friend and collaborator Sarah Lucas.


Tate Britain – The EY Exhibition: Van Gogh and Britain

Exhibition Dates: 27 March - 11 August 2019

Price: £22

In 2019 this major exhibition brings together 40 works by Vincent van Gogh to reveal how he was inspired by Britain and how he inspired British artists. Van Gogh and Britain presents the largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings in the UK for nearly a decade. Some of his most famous works will be brought together from around the world including Shoes, Starry Night on the Rhône, L'Arlésienne, and two works he made while a patient at the Saint-Paul Asylum, At Eternity’s Gate and Prisoners Exercising. They will be joined by the very rarely lent Sunflowers from London’s National Gallery.


Victoria & Albert Museum - Mary Quant

Exhibition Dates: 6 April 2019 - 8 March 2020

Price: £12

From miniskirts and hot pants to vibrant tights and makeup, discover how Mary Quant launched a fashion revolution on the British high street, with over 200 garments and accessories, including unseen pieces from the designer's personal archive.

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