6 top tips to enhance your student life

18th September 2017

We get it, at times university life can be expensive. Here's a few money saving tips we've pulled together to help enhance your student life.

1. Buy your books on eBay

Save hundreds of £££'s throughout your course, by purchasing second hand books online. You'd be surprised by the amount of textbooks you can find. The mailman doesn't only deliver ASOS packages!


2. Super Duper Tupperware

No, Tupperware is not just for your nan! Dedicate a few days of the week to prepare your meals and store them in Tupperware for the day after. The average lunch, bought out of home, will set you back £4 a day. So, use the money you save on something fun. Snapchat was made for #mealprep.


3. Wash your clothes less

Avoid doing the laundry more than once a week. If you didn't wash the shirt you want to wear in advance, too bad. You're an adult now, it's time to accept that life is full of disappointment. Whether you're taking your clothes to the local laundrette or back home for mum to wash, try to keep the cost of washing to a minimum. If you do decide to save your washing until you go back home, make sure you get a 16-25 Railcard. It can save you an average £190 a year. Imagine all the new clothes you can buy with that.


4. Buy your furniture on Gumtree

You're sitting in your living room and suddenly realise how beautiful this place would look if you had a coffee table with candles on it ( a bit of ambiance pour-vous!). Avoid the extra cost by purchasing items on Gumtree - there's definitely some freebies on there as well. Especially since most of the time you will not take it with you when you leave. Make your place #goals for under £50.


5. Use your student discount

Students often forget the amazing benefits that a student discount can give them (besides £1 VK's on student night). From retail to food shopping, ask your Student Card provider for a list of the savings you can make.


6. Buy a 16-25 Railcard

The 16-25 is not just a railcard, it's also a life enhancer. With 1/3 off your rail fares, you'll have extra money for student necessities such as books, furniture and food.

More money in your pocket, means you can live your best life, whether that's socialising with friends or going back home for your Grandmother's birthday (you can tell her all about that Tupperware!).

Save 1/3 off Rail Fares around Britain. Enjoy a year off rail discounts for £30 (or 3 years for £70) and use that extra money to be limitless.