3 cool things to do this autumn

26th September 2017

Sample authentic German beer at London's Oktoberfest or dance until the morning hours. Your autumn options are here...

Summer is slowly slipping away and we’re already rummaging through the closet for warmer clothes. We can all agree that this summer hasn’t been a complete disappointment; barbecues, rooftop bars and seaside trips have crowned this summer, ‘proper British’.

However, we know how to maintain the fun and have a fab time, better than anyone else, even when our skin is craving something woollen.

Here’s a list of places you could visit, this autumn, to make the most of your time before winter arrives. 


  1. RAM Records 

Do not despair! Brixton rooftop bars might be closed, but the music can still be enjoyed at one of the many clubs hosting RAM Records events. 

The younger generation's favourite drum & bass event company, has many surprises this October. Enjoy some of the world's best DJs and a long weekend in Manchester, London, Birmingham or Manchester with your mates and dance until the early morning (or until your knees start hurting). The options are endless.


  1. London’s Oktoberfest

Ist das gut? Ja it ist!

This year you don’t have to go to beer; beer will come to you!

Experience this world-famous festival in England’s capital – a perfect time to celebrate with your family and friends.

The Oktoberfest festival will be held in Canary Wharf’s Millwall Park until the 8th of October, with a variety of specially-brewed Bavarian beer, as well as cider and delicious wine. Feast on German delicacies and dance like a lunatic to traditional German music.



  1. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire

Ok, I get it. You’re not quite ready to “let go” of summertime. In that case, feel free to be adventurous by the sea at one of Lancashire’s most entertaining locations.

Just a few minutes’ walk from “Blackpool Pleasure Beach” station, this theme park will leave you wanting more. Get a dose of adrenaline by going on one of the rollercoasters, or if you are seeking a different kind of thrill, you can always enjoy a more interactive experience at the “Alice in Wonderland” ride.

Fun awaits at the gates!

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