An essential upgrade was recently carried out on our website and we’re aware there are some technical issues. 99% of people are not experiencing difficulties but if you’ve bought a Railcard online and haven’t yet received it or are experiencing difficulties, we offer our sincere apologies.

Most frequently asked questions

Why am I having difficulties getting my Railcard? 
Our website recently underwent essential, planned maintenance to upgrade and improve existing technology and enable a much quicker, smoother buying process. This was the biggest upgrade in 7 years and the core maintenance was completed within a 24-hour period. While 99% of people are using the website without any problems, some outstanding issues have been identified and we are working continuously to bring these to a close as a matter of urgency, while ensuring that we apply suitable due diligence to resolve these and ensure our customers’ data security. We apologise sincerely for any difficulties.

Can I still buy a Railcard? 

Our website is functioning and 99% of people are not experiencing difficulties. Additionally, you can buy a:

  • 1-year 16-25, Family & Friends and Senior Railcard at any staffed National Rail ticket office and 3-year Railcards on our website. 
  • 26-30 Railcard online through our friends at East Midlands Railways and Avanti West Coast
  •  Disabled Persons Railcard online by calling us on 0345 605 0525 or by post by sending your application to: 

National Railcards 
PO Box 10776 
LE65 9FA 

  • Network Railcard at any staffed National Rail ticket office in the Network Railcard area
  • Two Together Railcard at any staffed National Rail ticket office.

How long until the issue is fixed? 
Our website is now working although a few intermittent technical issues remain, of which we are aware and which are impacting a very small amount of cases. We are working continuously to resolve any difficulties and minimise the disruption.  We will notify customers when all the issues have been fixed and apologise sincerely for the inconvenience caused.  

I have lost money because I have been unable to use my Railcard. How do I get this back? 
Though we do not recommend purchasing discounted tickets prior to the Railcard being in your possession, we want to ensure that nobody is left out of pocket by the problems and is able to travel at Railcard discounted prices. 
If you had to pay extra or a penalty fare, please Direct Message us via Twitter or Facebook with your details, the proof of purchase and your tickets. 

For the individual Railcard FAQs, please visit: